Good news! The government is trying to get your light bill down!
Attempting to lead by example, the GOJ is pushing aggressively to solve some of the country’s intractable energy problems. Recognizing that a significant amount of government income is spent on energy consumption, the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica held its first of five workshops to raise awareness of energy efficiency and conservation at government ministries, departments and agencies.  
The workshops also target educational institutions and health facilities that impact the quality of life of Jamaicans and are part of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Programme (EECP) out of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica. The aim is to meet the targets and goals of Energy Vision 2030.
Panmedia and an EECP team managed the event at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel last Thursday, June 29. We designed the creatives, invited participants and the press, and had input in some of the presentations.
Dozens of invited institutions turned out to hear presentations from Dr. The Honourable Andrew Wheatley, Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. Peter Ruddock, Manager of the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica, Winston Watson, Group General Manager of PCJ and Hillary Alexander, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology.
The presentations were information rich, covering background on the workshops and EECP, explanations of energy efficiency and energy conservation, tips on energy safe appliances and specific measures to adopt in the home and office for optimum energy efficiency and conservation, with specific attention to retro-fitting and its importance.
The workshop also explored ways to help participants create Energy Management Committees and build their capacity to procure energy efficient appliances and equipment. The other four workshops, scheduled for Montego Bay, Mandeville and two sites not yet chose, will follow the same format and present the same information.
The government hopes that these workshops will support efforts to meet the larger targets of Energy Vision 2030. These include diversifying Jamaica’s energy supply from imported fossil fuel to more indigenous sources, particularly renewables, and encouraging energy efficiency and conservation in the Jamaican population.