Written by: 
Nimoy Burrowes

Digital marketing agency Panmedia this week launched a hot new feature, PripsPass, an online ticketing platform for event organizers to sell tickets using the Prips Jamaica website and scan them using the Prips mobile app.

Prips Jamaica (www.pripsjamaica.com) is the go-to place for events, restaurants, accommodations and attractions. It started out as a website and is now a mobile app on both Android and iOS devices.

Event promoters get access to the PripsPass dashboard where they can monitor ticket sales. They see the number of tickets sold, value of each transaction, total earnings and contact information for the patron. The dashboard also allows promoters to validate or cancel tickets. This immediate benefit here is that promoters can track ticket sales leading up to their events and also track ticket usage on the day of the event.

Using the Prips Jamaica mobile app, event promoters are able to validate and reset their event tickets. With PripsPass, promoters no longer need to rent a Barcode Scanner for their events. They just need a smart phone and access to the internet. 

PripsPass also allows multiple authenticated users to scan event tickets. That means that if the venue has multiple entrances or the promoters need to have a number of scanners at a single access point, PripsPass is the perfect product.

The platform was used for the most recent staging of Bacardi Fete21 which was held at Hope Gardens. It was smooth sailing for patrons who presented their tickets on their phones. Look out for us at the Mas Camp this Friday, November 3 for Hard Wine.

PripsPass is not the first ticketing platform in the country. But the local team behind it intends to make it a game changer. Led by Nimoy Burrowes, the Panmedia developers are already planning more new features to be rolled out in the coming months. Follow the movement at www.pripsjamaica.com