by Sereta Thompson
by Sereta Thompson

Seems everyone is now caught in the selfie craze stage. No one anymore asks a friend or a random stranger to capture his or her moment. If you want a picture of yourself, you take a selfie!
It turns out, though, that some people are not so good at DIY photography.  So we’ve come up with a few pointers.
1. Never use the front camera
Unless you have an extremely smart phone, like a Samsung GS5 or IPhone 6, the quality of your selfie may not be so wonderful if you use your front facing camera.
Use the rear camera, aim, click and repeat for best results.
GraceKennedy Selfie 

2. Always take more than one
It’s easier to take a dozen selfies all at once than to constantly redo them individually when you realize you hate the last one.
Just aim your selfie taking device, smile and click. Then slightly change your position and facial feature, click and repeat. Tadah! 
Panmedia Selfie
3. Be mindful of your background
Nothing can be more unpleasant than a random person photo bombing your selfie. Always make sure your background is clear of such photo crashers so you don’t have to delete a perfectly good picture.
 Crowd Selfie

4. Share the moment
Do you really want to scroll through all your pictures from “that night” and only see selfies of your face?
Take a group selfie every once in a while. We’re sure your friends are just as good-looking as you are. And you never know, that one may be the selfie that goes viral.
Award show Selfie 
5. Get a selfie stick
Did you even know there was such a thing?
Well there is. And what an awesome invention! No more glimpses of intruding hands or awkward selfie posture. The selfie stick is great for those selfie loving persons who want to get the perfect selfie every time.  And you can always use it as a weapon.
Selfie stick