Connect When You Can’t be There
Well, duh, isn’t that the point of phones and communication in general? Definitely, but instant messaging apps like Whatsapp & iMessage now make that experience even more realistic. Real-time multimedia sharing is awesome when you can’t make that lecture and need the notes or your baby cousin is born in Europe.

Stay Social
Humans are social creatures. But while validating yourself in social media is a slippery slope, that’s a great way to stay in touch with faraway friends, find things to do near you and make and keep connections with interesting people you meet. 

Stay up to Date
Prips is your personal guide on where to go, do or eat. And even the Gleaner, Observer and Loop have mobile apps to keep you up to date. Follow your favourite news sites on social media if you really want to stay in the know. Flipboard can consolidate it all. Oh, and you know your phone doubles as a radio, right? Just plug in a pair of headphones, which will function as the antenna.

Alarm Clock
How do you wake up in the morning? Even with a really good circadian cycle and waking at the same time every morning, you may need to take a quick nap in the evening before an event? Or you need to turn the stove off at a particular time while doing something else in another room?

Your phone’s GPS makes it easy to find what you need in an unfamiliar place. Google Maps geo-tag many businesses, with options for various modes of transport including the JUTC routes! Enter your destination or even have whoever is can send you their location. Your phone likely has a built in compass that can be used on outdoor or on-board adventures.

Remember the actual phone we affectionately referred to as “the flashlight.” The Nokia 3310 had an awesome flashlight and impressive battery stamina. If your phone doesn’t have a built-in flashlight you can download an app that will convert the camera flash into one.

Make your photo gallery your rolodex, you can take a picture of your fridge before you go to the supermarket so you can see what you’re missing when you’re there, take a picture of where you parked your car when you go shopping, or to an all day meeting, the tax office, etc. Keep your appointments in your calendar with reminders, always remember to take your pills, feed the dog, pick your children up etc. Phones are also great in the event of an emergency. Take pictures of the damage, position of the car, relevant license plates, business cards etc.  Keep track of your projects by category with Evernote.

Health & Fitness
Feeling a little fatigued and under the weather lately?  Treat yourself right and use your phone to do it. Pedometer & Weight Loss Coach tracks your daily activity and incorporates your weekly and monthly exercise and diet goals. Get a feel-good validation for the work you’re already putting in without even noticing (you don’t realize how much you’re probably already walking every day!) and use it as motivation to push even harder at the gym ;)

Be Multilingual!
Or fake it. While most people in Jamaica speak English and Patois at varying ratios, the probability you’ll end up in touch with someone who speaks Spanish is pretty high since we are surrounded by Spanish-speaking countries. Google, or at least talk the talk. Apps like Duolingo make the learning process fun. Google Translate is making huge strides and your apparent competencies in several foreign languages can be even better than you might have imagined.