We are all feeling the passion for football that has crept into our collective consciousness. The mood here is as intense as it gets in India for cricket. Jamaica, Trinidad and Haiti are the only Caribbean countries to have made it to the World Cup. But in this region, we outstrip the world in our enthusiastic response to these glorious games that begin this month.

It’s easy to spot how Jamaicans feel about football. Just look at the flags flying everywhere, especially on the roads! Motorists share their World Cup team proudly with the rest of us. They are even honking when a supporter of their team passes them on the road. We are seeing more Brazil flags than others despite their last World Cup humiliation. And if you raise the subject, their fans are insane in their support for a team Jamaica has long admired.

But Argentina has plenty fans here, too, despite their somewhat lacklustre performance of late. The wagonists are solidly with Germany, of course, and it’s hard to argue with the stats and the discipline of team. France and Spain have their share of fans in Jamaica, and they both boast good teams this year. Surprisingly, a few empire apologists are flying the Union Jack although England chances of getting to the final four may be no better than Iceland, the smallest nation to compete in the World Cup. We haven’t seen any Nigerian flag, but we saw a Senegalese one. We assume there is some brotherly support for the African teams among Jamaicans.

We also have to admire the styling in how the flags fly. Some fans find not so obvious holes and crevices in which to squeeze the flag stick. Others attach the flags to their rear view or side mirrors. Still others simply kotch the flag between the window and the top of the glass. Pick-up trucks often use the frame of their back beds, while the big trucks use their antennae. Even bicyclists are flying their flags unapologetically.

We can’t help but comment on the state of some flags. Many are brand new and pop their colours. But some clearly have seen better days, looking even older than the vehicles on which they sit. Still, at Panmedia, we are enjoying what promises to be a month of intense competition and, hopefully, superb football. But we will get the clients’ work done!