There have long been calls for us to support brand Jamaica and buy local. This helps economic development and consumers who escape import and duty costs. To support this worthy effort, we offer five reasons to buy Jamaican. 

1. Save Some Cash: Groceries are already expensive. So head over to the nearest market for your produce and delicious local fruits instead of paying more for that imported stuff, which doesn’t taste that good anyway. The money you save can be spent on other needs. 

2. Support the Economy: When you buy from local manufacturers and farmers it goes right back into our economy to help national growth. Boosting local sales also helps to employ more Jamaicans.

3. Reduce Your Carbon Footprint: The more local natural products you consume the less we valuable foreign exchange we have to spend on imported goods. And those cargo ships don’t have to come to pollute our waters.

4. Better Quality: Many local products are handcrafted, a feature that has made our local products world-renowned. The intricacy and attention-means you get a better-quality product.

5. Unique Style: Products here have local designs that could help make your style distinct and special. Shop around in local markets and businesses to find products and local pieces that inspire you.