This time of year, many Jamaicans are trying to sculpt that “Carnival Body.” Using fitness, diet, supplements and sleep, those with a passion for carnival aim to look and feel their best, whatever their body type. Having a carnival body means you have the stamina to handle the parade on Sunday, April 28th 2019.

And you will need plenty of it if you are a reveller in one of the three major Jamaica Carnival bands: Bacchanal Jamaica, Xaymaca International and Xodus. It’s a gruelling day even if you are just an enthusiastic spectator.


Those who want mega energy can choose from several well-equipped gyms across the island. The ideal place to find gyms in your location is the Prips App. Prips features details on popular gyms such as Fit Farm Fitness Club, Spartan Health Club and Express Fitness. Be sure to train with a good fitness coach who is known for delivering results. And it’s important to be patient and follow your fitness coach instructions.


What’s your body goal? You must have a clear idea of your desired body and markers to indicate when you’re close to those goals. This motivates you and allows you to create a proper schedule for your fitness journey. Knowing how many hours/days you’ll need to spend in the gym also allows you to manage your time effectively.

Whether you’re looking to gain or lose weight, your diet is very important. Fitness Junkies (@fitnessjunkiesja) is a great one-stop shop for getting all the necessary supplements to aid your fitness journey. There you can get pre-work out supplements that are useful if you plan to “go hard” in the gym. But supplements are not enough.  It’s important to eat healthy and in adequate proportions. You may need to cut your rice or meat intake, but it will all be worth it on road march day!


Our last tip is to get a gym partner, one who is just as dedicated. Along with your trainer you need someone who will motivate you and help ensure your form is correct. Form is key to achieving your body goals. National Bikini Athlete and Social Media Influencer Petite Sue (@petite3ssence) and sister Shammy (@876dimplez) are a great example of a gym partnership that works! If you don’t have a willing family member then grab your best friend and hit the gym together. It’s a whole heap more fun when you have someone to share the moments.


If your progress is slow, you may end up feeling frustrated and that’s understandable. However, you must not get discouraged, stay focused and start early.


In the meantime here are some popular Soca fetes to attend this weekend: Wet it up Daybreak J’ouvert, Xaymaca International Habour Jam and Tea Cup Soca Brunch.