Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends can be exhausting. So, today we’re going to bring your attention back to an oldie but goodie – email marketing. It’s not the latest flashy technique, and we know that Instagram seems much sexier, but hang in there for a minute.

Statistically, email marketing outperforms Facebook ads by 30% in terms of the gross return on spend. It might take a little more work to put a great email campaign together, but you can’t beat the results.

Of course, creating a great email campaign that is going to land well is not as easy as it sounds. Your first problem is making it through email filters. With cybersecurity being such a big issue, a lot of money has been spent on programs to combat spam and malicious emails.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these programs have become very good at detecting marketing emails. And, even if your email makes it past these programs, you’ve got to convince the recipient to open them.

Fortunately, though, we’ve got a cheat sheet on how you can maximize every email campaign going forward. You’ll learn why email marketing is not as dead as so many people think.  You’ll learn how real people like you and me respond to emails they receive. By understanding this, you’re already halfway to understanding what can make your campaigns more successful.

Carry on through the infographic, and you’ll learn actionable tips to help you improve your click-through rates. You’ll learn more about how to prevent your emails from landing up in the spam folder and how to craft emails that people will want to open.

You’ll also find out what the most common mistakes email marketers make are. The IG wraps up by going through trends that we’ll start to see coming through in the next couple of years.

Check out the infographic below to see how to avoid campaign killers that will stop you before you get started.