Have your grandparents ever told you the one about how they had to trek ten miles, hitch a donkey ride, cross mountains, valleys, overflowing rivers and collapsing bridges just to get to school every day? We’re sure you’ve had to endure the gruelling “Well, in my day…” stories?

It’s common for older generations to share with younger ones how things used to be in the past. They take pride in their experience with the things of their day. They are especially alarmed about our digital age where everything is changing rapidly and new technology quickly replaces old ways of getting things done.

While their reminiscing often feels tedious, a trip down memory lane can often be revealing, even engaging, for those of us lucky enough to get to school the simpler ways.

Those thoroughly focused on today’s advances may want to take a quick look at the things new technologies are making obsolete:

  1. Drive-in movie theatres – Unbelievably, some are still around.
  2. Phone booths- Mobile phones took care of those.
  3. VCRs, DVDs and CDs: With Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music etc. It’s all about streaming now.
  4. Headphones are slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to cuter ear pods.
  5. Pregnant televisions have had their day; now it’s all flat screens and LEDs.
  6. Cash and checks are becoming too burdensome to carry. Debit or credit cards or online app payments are now preferable.
  7. Netflix and Hulu may force an end to series television and the start of streaming wars.
  8. Letters and snail mail are disappearing. Now the closest thing you’ll probably get to a love letter is a DM.