Closing Date: 
Saturday, November 30, 2019 - 09:45

Job Title: Programmer
Reports To: Tech Lead
Receives Instructions from: Tech Lead & Managing Director
Supervises Directly: Junior Programmer

Specialized Skills
Excellent time management, client relations and interpersonal skills. Eye for details, deadline oriented and works well under pressure. Team player.

Main Functions


  • Assist in developing proposals for sites and mobile apps
  • Evaluate sites and mobile apps to be redone and make recommendations
  • Write programming for mobile and websites
  • Assist with job costing for mobile/site development
  • Maintaining websites hosted for clients
  • Make recommendations for design refinement; make adjustments as appropriate
  • Conduct research


  • Maintaining local server
  • Back up files based as per schedule
  • Assist with the archiving of files
  • Monitor e-mail usage and ensure optimization of use, availability and function
  • Service local network
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintain/upgrade computer hardware as required
  • Provide technical support at presentations at exhibitions

Authority To:  

  • Request information from clients, institutions providing support services and other suppliers
  • Provide updates on projects and jobs to clients
  • Access archives and other sources of information

Job successfully completed when:

  • Sites/Mobile Apps are programmed according to customer’s specifications
  • Maintenance and file protection schedule are executed on time 
  • Interaction with customers and support personnel demonstrate a high level of professionalism
  • Customers indicate a high level of satisfaction with services provided
  • Confidentiality is maintained

A positive contribution is made towards team objectives.

An ideal candidate must demonstrate expert knowledge on all aspects of the Drupal framework and be able to assume an independent development role. This developer must posses the "know-how" of not only modifying existing modules/behavior but also building new modules and incorporating custom functionality with varying levels of complexity. The candidate must also be keenly familiar with Drupal performance tuning and the various presentation layer options.  We need people with the self-motivation to pursue and execute on projects, while working in the context of a larger team.

* Strong knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS
* Extensive Drupal experience (including themeing and module creation)
* Extensive PHP experience (Python experience would be a plus)
* Familiarity with AJAX (experience with frameworks like JQuery or YUI would be a plus)
* Detail-oriented project management skills
* Excellent communication skills
* Experience with SEO

It would be helpful if the person has URLs and descriptions of previous Drupal projects, and role/involvement in each.