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Panmedia is a marketing communications agency, founded in 1966, with special skills in web and mobile app development, online and mobile marketing, public relations and advertising.

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Since 2011, Scotiabank has been helping small and medium-sized businesses in Jamaica to grow. They offer business coaching to select clients, and in 2015 opened up that opportunity and provided more resources by creating the Scotiabank Vision Achiever. Now, the 2017 programme is looking for a new batch of applicants.
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  Who knew fake news was a thing in Jamaica? National Security Minister Robert Montague had to quickly discredit rumours about abductions for organ harvesting in Jamaica.  Likes and shares drive traffic, and maybe that’s why these rumours started, but we’re not sure repurposing grotesque and unrelated videos was the best way to make a point.   Panmedia has had our share of fakeness on social media. Whenever we run online competitions and promotions on Facebook...
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