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Panmedia is a marketing communications agency, founded in 1996, with special skills in web and mobile app development, online and mobile marketing, public relations and advertising.

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We’re always excited to learn new things at Panmedia, so we were pleased when the UWI Open Campus asked us to help raise its social media presence.   It meant scouring the region for timely and relevant content, and seeking to understand what motivates those who want to advance their education by any means.  We certainly had to widen our research parameters and take a regional look at what OC delivers in coursework and opportunities.
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Your cousin tells you that The Illuminati want to end the world through some apocalyptic satanic ritual or just want to “keep the people down” by controlling the government and media…and assassinating Princess Diana and Tupac? And your cousin swears Jay Z and Beyonce are part of the conspiracy! Today’s endless information stream via the Internet has not made it easier to tell the difference between the true and the false, the news and the “fake news”, or...
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