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David Cameron

David Cameron heralded his visit to Jamaica last week with plans to build a prison. But the natives were restless, and wanted reparations for slavery instead. The British Prime Minister adroitly sidestepped the issue with his stiff upper lip, offending many Jamaicans. That we got one and no promise of the other was not lost on social media users:

Written by
Marie-Liese George

From The Blog

Sereta Thompson

Mission Catwalk’s 5th season looks awesome! The producers are re-introducing contestants from past seasons who had FIERCE design skills. They’re calling it “High Fashion Edition.”

Naturally, we have our preferences in the all- star cast. Seed if you agree!

Written by
Sereta Thompson

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Mmmm Jerk! A Friday favourite for us in Jamaica. Check out these jerk spots.. http://t.co/8njtbbwRwT 21 hours ago
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