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We have noticed that Build a Rasta is one of the most popular apps in the Panmedia Network. So we are updating and adding new features and security fixes. This month we added a brand new Extras section filled with fun bonus activities for all ages.

Written by
Adrian Gordon

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5 Jamaican proverbs we don’t hear everyday
Parents or grandparents often mutter some strange sounding phrase with a stern look on their face. Just as often you are left completely clueless. Jamaican proverbs reflect the African and European history of our nation. They are not only funny anecdotes, but also wise lessons in life.   Speak a phrase to someone unfamiliar with Jamaican culture and they’ll be bewildered. But say to a Jamaican child who “romps too much’, “chicken merry, hawk deh near” and...
Written by
Anna Simpson

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