Mar 27, 2014

A client who has been with us for 12 years has performed a generous act of corporate responsibility for the constituency most important to our future.  Billy Craig Insurance Brokers is now providing ongoing general insurance for the two-storey building at the Hope Zoo. The building is used by zoo personnel for administration, and has a boardroom and ticket office.

Mar 11, 2014

Panmedia did a different kind of event management recently, when we hosted a photography exhibition by renowned photographer Olivia McGilchrist. Collectors and many regulars on Jamaica’s art scene visited the one day show, some (w)hitey, at the Spanish Court Hotel’s Valencia Room.

It featured seven new works by Olivia and a limited edition of prints. Her recent works are mostly digitally composed still images whose angst and attitude has brought her attention in the Caribbean and elsewhere.

Nov 11, 2013

Our Android version of Prips is now on Google Play. Prips is an extensive guide to attractions and events in Jamaica that includes Art, Fashion, Food, Live Shows/Music, Parties, Business, Special Events, Sports and Theatre.

Oct 03, 2013

Our latest Android app is a bit narcissistic, if you will pardon us stepping out of character. It lets users who can’t get enough of our company stay up to date with all the things we are doing online. Panmedia Social, designed and developed by Daemone Brown, aggregates some of our content on social media networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.

Sep 18, 2013

Nearly a year ago we gave the Stafish Oils’ website a facelift. We reshot product images, redesigned the site, and built in ecommerce functionality using Ubercart, a module extension to the Drupal CMS framework. We used Ubercart to give Starfish a quick, inexpensive, basic eCommerce solution to process simple transactions online.