by Nimoy Burrowes
by Nimoy Burrowes

The Nokia 3310 is the best phone I ever owned. I have had Androids, Blackberry smartphones, iPhones and even a few knockoffs, but none of these have been able to match my 3310 ( Also known as the “Fridge” or “banger”). If you really want to know why this was such an intimate relationship, see its advantages over other phones.
Nokia 3310

  1. Charge it once a month even if you use it every day.
  2. It will never break even if it falls from the heavens.
  3. One of the cheapest phones ever.
  4. It has a longer lifespan than other phones.
  5. Phone warranty is not necessary.
  6. It has changeable covers.
  7. There’s no point buying screen protector for an indestructible phone.
  8. Easy ringtone composition with the tone composer.
  9. Ability to setup various profiles on the phone.
  10. It has sold over 130 million units worldwide.
  11. Thieves won’t try to rob you of it.
  12. It is robust enough to use as a weapon to protect you

Nokia 3310