Sereta Thompson, Panmedia
Sereta Thompson

Take a look around you, we’re in technology heaven. Everything is “smart!” There are smart TVs, smart watches…even smart glasses!
And the one device almost everyone seems to own is a Smart phone.
We should tell you though that Smart phones are not so smart without a few sexy apps.
Here are a few apps you might want to download.

1. A No-Crop App
Because when you're making your #AboutLast night post, you don't want to cut anyone's face off.
No-Crop App

2. A Collage App
When you look “on fleek” in all 3 outfits, you need to put the pictures together and share with the world.

3. A Social Network App
Any kind of social media presence is not just required but expected. How else are your friends going to keep track of your daily activities?

4. An Events App
This is for convenience. Instead of hunting all over for social events get pripsed with this app. It even comes with directions too!

Events App

5. A Communication App
Even in the tech age keeping in touch is still critical. Communication apps allow you to SMS or video chat.

These few suggestions will hopefully make your smart phone smarter.

Why don’t you tell us what smart apps you have on your phone?