WhatsApp has revolutionized the way we use our phones. In Jamaica, talk and text plans are disappearing as many use Wi-Fi or data plans to communicate. WhatsApp keeps us informed and entertained, and lets us privately send messages for free, without word count or annoying online ads. Jamaicans love instant messaging, and WhatsApp has made it easy. Gone are the days when we would yearn for $15 credit to get a hundred texts. And we can use WhatsApp to call our friends and family abroad without breaking the bank! Aside from its practicality, the entertainment value of the app is what Jamaicans enjoy most. We can’t seem to stay out of a group chat, where the conversations are never ending. And although we love our friends, thank God for the mute feature! The most entertaining aspect about the app however, is the emojis. There’s just something about having a conversation without words that we find delightful. Perhaps we prefer this type of communication because it accurately expresses how we feel, which may be overlooked in plain text. Many of us secretly enjoy getting videos or voice notes that are trending? And if its really controversial, like a mother disciplining her daughter with a machete, you’re bound to get it without visiting Facebook or Instagram. Finally, by prohibiting those annoying online ads WhatsApp quickly gained our favour. But last year the app changed its privacy policy to test how people can communicate with businesses without the interference of third party banner ads. So now we must wonder how private will our accounts remain?