Once upon a time, a little Jamaican girl was daydreaming. She thought of what Christmas would be like if Santa Claus came to Jamaica. Everyone would be happy! No one would have time to be depressed or sad. Primetime would be filled with good news and birthday wishes instead of death announcements. Her older sister could walk the streets at night without being urged to hurry back. 

And, best of all, there would be peace, or some semblance of it, because no one should have a reason to do any harm. So the little girl decided she should send Santa an invitation since he probably doesn’t know Jamaica needs him. Besides, he might need directions since she didn’t believe he had been here before. 

And so, she began her letter. 

Dear Santa,

Please fly to Jamaica this year. I know that some of us are on your naughty list but give us a ‘bli’. We need some gifts and good cheer; especially gifts. My parents complain a lot about money and how times are hard. And, I know that my friend’s parents have similar issues. I don’t want to ask for too much but it’s not just for me. 

I believe the people in government, the ones who run the country, need a toy to make them feel good; a stress ball sounds good. That should help them think straight. For all the men and women who have no homes this Christmas please bring some Teddy bears. I think they’ll feel less alone if they have something to hug. Parents like mine need something nice, so they won’t think of all the bad stuff. Get them a giant massage chair. That should do it! 

The older kids should get some board games so they spend more time with people and not so much with their phones. My mother says it’s bad for our eyes. High school ‘freshers’ like me, and I guess the younger kids too, could get some really cute dolls, for the girls, and cool cars for the boys. After all, all work and no play makes Jane a dull girl, or Jack a dull boy. 

I think that takes care of everyone. 

Opps… one more thing Santa, you know Jamaicans love to have a good time and Christmas is the perfect time to have fun and celebrate. If you could bring us some tasty food that would just top it all off. We love jerk chicken, ham, pork, rice and peas, fruit cake and sorrel. You may not have that stuff way up there in the North Pole, or wherever you are but my mom and dad says that GraceFoods is the good taste of Jamaica so maybe you could get us some of that. 

Santa, I hope this letter isn’t too long. But I just want to say that I know we need a lot more. Like people who are more loving and caring but I’ll pray to God for those things, he’s the father of this island. 

Thank you, Santa. I hope you’ll come. 


I don’t have any chocolate chip cookies but I’ll be sure to leave you some rock cake and sorrel, those are some Jamaican favourites. 

Don’t forget Jamaicans who are not here, they’ll always be Jamaicans no matter where they are. And, though you’ve probably visited them at their current location please get them the same Christmas goodies that you will for us this year. They’ll love the irie gifts.

Mail to: Mr. Santa Claus, address: North Pole. 

Every ‘once upon a time’ has an ending, for this one, let's all hope it’s happily ever after.