These days, parents give their pickney phones or tablets to keep them quiet. Often these devices are used for playing games or connecting friends. Well, folks, think you should exercise a little more caution. There are some dark places on the Internet that you don't want your kids exploring. Imagine, your pickney is playing a game online, he gets an ad, another ad, another ad, and before you know it he ends up on a site that is not appropriate for children let alone adults. 

Google is not a babysitter. It won't filter out inappropriate or violent material. So if you want to be a responsible parent use tried and proven ways to limit your child's browsing capabilities. This way you won't have to worry about them ending 
 up on an inappropriate site? Here are a few ways you can protect your pickney online:
1. Be Interested in What They're Doing. 
2. Set Clear Boundaries. 
3. Set Restrictions on Search Engines.
4. Protect Your Passwords.
5. Limit Access to WiFi.
6. Use Kid-Safe Social Media. 
7. Filtering Software.
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