Back to work after any vacation can feel like a drag. But returning after the Christmas holidays can be particularly difficult for many reasons. You are usually coming back from festivities (family, friends, good food, parties, presents and New Year’s celebrations) with no more excitement to look forward to for a while. You’re also typically coming back from a busy time that doesn’t always allow for much rest. But according to this article by, the key to coming back actually feeling refreshed and rejuvenated has less do to with what you do after the holidays, and more to do with how you spend the holidays.


Strike the right balance

Make sure your holidays are both active and restful. It’s tempting after a busy year to just sleep, lounge around and catch up on your favourite shows. But this, funnily enough, might not be the best way get you back to work feeling rested and replenished. You do need downtime to simply do nothing, but there are other needs that contribute to your mental wellbeing. Social interaction, new experiences, changes in scenery and perspective and meaningful reflection and contemplation are all key to helping you feel sufficiently recharged and prepared for the year ahead. At the same time, you don’t want to do so much during the holiday season that you end up feeling worn out and tired by the end of it. For those inclined to work during vacation, remember taking breaks every so often is important for mental health. And those who visit every relative, attend every party or feel guilty for passing on an invitation, be reminded that it’s okay to take some time for yourself.


Goals, Plans, Traditions                                                                

Such balance is difficult to maintain. So, set goals, make plans and create traditions to give you the push you need. Setting a goal for how much time you want to spend being restful and active can help you remain balanced. Setting goals and planning how to achieve them makes it more likely that will happen, and hopefully, bring you feelings of peace and rejuvenation. Creating traditions with these holiday goals can also ensure you stick to them as they will become a yearly habit.


End of year holidays offer a great opportunity to prepare for the next twelve months. Be sure to make the most of them!