It’s always a rewarding moment when a client asks to deepen its relationship with an agency. It often means the client is pleased, we are enjoying the work and the relationship is maturing.


In this regard, we are happy to announce that we have taken on some new assignments for the Development Bank of Jamaica and its much-needed mission to spur business growth, especially among MSMEs.


It’s a welcome assignment, on the heels of our all media campaign where we moved DBJ’s public awareness from 29 to 55 percent. Our follow-on work begins this month and is intended to increase take up of DBJ’s loans, grants and capacity building that it offers MSMEs.


Before the original campaign in 2016, we did a national survey to benchmark awareness and degrees of understanding of the Bank’s role among the population. A year later, we executed a tracking study using the same sample size demographics and questionnaire to measure campaign results.


After our PR and advertising were executed, 55% of those interviewed had heard of the Bank compared to 29% before the study, a 26% increase. We also asked if people understood the main purpose of the DBJ. Only 22% of those interviewed got it right. After the campaign that figure moved to 49%.


From those findings, the DBJ decided it should sustain the momentum since inquiries about the Bank’s products and services have increased dramatically. Panmedia’s new assignment will include television and radio schedules, public relations and expanding the Bank’s reach into social media.