Written by: 
Nimoy Burrowes

If nothing else, traffic gridlocks in Kingston and elsewhere indicate a massive growth in the number of vehicles on our roads. While this increase may mean growth in the economy, more vehicles are likely to increase pollution and even environmental damage.

GFEI project manager for Jamaica Dr Ruth Potopsingh

In tackling these negative outcomes, Jamaica joined more than 50 countries in the Global Fuel Economy Initiative. The GFEI is expected to lead to better fuel efficiency in light weight duty vehicles and  a reduction in  greenhouse gas emissions. It may also result in less fuel imports.

The GFEI Project will create an enabling environment for the development and implementation of  a national fuel economy policy in Jamaica.   The GFEI target is to help improve energy usage in transportation by 50% in 2050, that is, Stabilizing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Road Transportation through Doubling of Global Vehicle Fuel Economy.

The Caribbean Sustainable Energy and Innovation Institute (CSEII), University of Technology, Jamaica, is managing the project on behalf of the Government of Jamaica through the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation and has asked Panmedia to develop a website to build awareness on vehicle and fuel efficiency among consumers. The website will disseminate relevant information on developments around the project in Jamaica and other participating countries.

The GFEI is funded by the Global Environment Facility and United Nations Environment. Its key partners are FIA Foundation, International Energy Agency, International Transport Forum, The International Council on Clean Transportation, and the Institute of Transportation Studies UC Davies.

The website’s major feature will let energy conscious users search for information on select vehicles by brand, model and fuel type. It will initially showcase the most popular vehicle makes and models and will be updated over time.

Panmedia is taking a mobile first approach in designing and developing the website. It will be optimized for mobile in design, user interface and functionality. Most people here now access the internet via mobile devices. The website will also be powered by a very robust and secure content management system that will allow for smooth and seamless updates in the future.

The Panmedia web team has produced a draft design and is now working on theming of the website. Having worked on several energy conservation and efficiency public awareness projects for three government agencies our team brings some knowledge and experience to this job. We are expecting this site to be a valuable tool for consumers who are in the market for new or used cars.