Few people see Christmas as contributing to their health. The excessive food portions, increased sugar consumption and alcohol are more often the death of that diet you started. But the wise and the mindful turn the season to their advantage. Here are five ways to extract healthy benefits in this holiday season.


Sorrel - the superfood

A superfood can be defined as a nutrient-rich food, and Sorrel contains a wide range of minerals and vitamins. Rich in antioxidants, it.

Sorrel is high in antioxidants that help prevent or slow damage to cells, lower risks of disease, and, according to researchers at Northern Caribbean University, can kill certain types of cancer cells. Sorrel also has high amounts of Vitamin A, which maintains the immune system and good vision. It can also help reduce high cholesterol. So, pour your sorrel generously this Christmas.


Gungo peas – lowers blood pressure

High protein but low cholesterol and calories, make gungo peas the perfect ingredient for Christmas dishes. An excellent source of magnesium, calcium and potassium, gungo peas also contain copper, zinc and iron. This means it helps stop conditions like anemia, bronchitis and heart disease.


Christmas spices – great for workouts

Love eggnog, or fruit cake? Then add some extra cinnamon! Cinnamon can moderate blood sugar levels, to help you store carbs as muscle instead of fat and it also can have an ‘anti-diabetic’ effect. The spice contains eugenol, which helps reduce muscle soreness after a workout. So, for your sweet potato, Christmas biscuits or pies, add a touch of cinnamon!


Shopping for gifts – helps you live longer

It may sound crazy, but if you like heading to the shops at Christmas don’t feel guilty because it could be helping you live longer. Research say those who shop regularly have a 27% lower risk of death than those who infrequently shop. Getting out of the house and into the world has has been found to lower people’s loneliness.


Christmas Parties – good for your well-being

If you’re relaxing and giggling with friends, you could be lowering your blood pressure and cholesterol, reducing stress, boosting your immune system and even burning up to 40 calories! Just 10-15 minutes of laughter can help your mind and body. So, catch up with friends and celebrate with some Christmas cheer!