TikTok is showing us the well of creative talent that exists out there. Though typically producing short clips meant for little more than a moment of entertainment, the amateur creators of these videos are highly effective at capturing an audience.

TikTok’s setup no doubt helps in this regard by giving everyday social media users the tools to make their videos grab attention. But it’s safe to say that users take it to the next level with good choreography, singing, dancing, short-skit storytelling, video editing etc. Some on social media even believe these amateurs to be better than the professionals.

The rest of the world is starting to take notice, too. Jamaican comedian Sarah Cooper got her Tik Tok originating lip-syncing Trump impersonations on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show starring and The Ellen Show for (see below).

Several others have found fame and broken into more professional media thanks to TikTok. Jalaiah Harmon, is the 14-year-old creator of one of the most popular dances on the app. Though she struggled at first to gain recognition for her choreography, she has since made several paid-appearances, been signed to a talent agency and gotten work as a choreographer.

With such success, TikTok’s popularity may be less superficial than originally assumed. As with similar social media sites, entertainers and spectators seem to be increasingly drawn to those that are more accessible and inclusive, with wider audiences interested in more diverse subject matter and free ways to gain exposure and be entertained. And in this regard, TikTok seems to be taking over.