SUVs hog the road not only with their bulk, but also with a menacing attitude. They often try to intimidate smaller vehicles with behavior much like a tank. Their drivers seem patently in place with the iron and steel they command. They show disdain for common courtesies, self-righteously rampaging through traffic. They brazenly steal turns at intersections and snatch spaces ahead of others they believe should bow to their brawn. With their huge carbon footprint and toxic contribution to our air, these vehicles resemble dinosaurs of the rabid kind. Sitting high and careless, they move as awkwardly as their prehistoric cousins. The aggressiveness of SUVs on the road almost suggests privilege in ownership. These road wolves must clearly be more important than mere cars. It’s not unlike the attitude many vehicles have towards pedestrians. Just get out of the way, these drivers seem to be saying to the rest of us. Perhaps we should empathize with these misbegotten malcontents. After all, they must maneuver on city streets a toy as big as their ambitions. Most have no understanding of the real use of an SUV, nor do they care, just as long as it’s as big as their neighbor’s. So why should we care that they owe just as much!