Karim Smith
Karim Smith

Those of us not rich enough to own our own wheels must often suffer the indignities of public transportation. And there is very little we can do about it except complain. So here goes!

1. Fare increases
Many of us find it hard to remember the bus fare is $120 and not $100 for adults. Let’s do the math. If you take 2 buses daily for work or school, that’s $$6000 per month and $72,000 annually. We don’t need the JUTC Smart Card. We need relief!
2. Vehicles not available
Almost daily us commuters get to a bus stop and everything comes our way except a bus. Of course, you usually end up wasting time waiting. And those are just the days when you can’t find a taxi.  
 Vehicles not available
3. On a slow bus to ChinaIf
You need to be somewhere at a specific time, don’t take a JUTC bus, When they do show up and you smile at your luck, you discover that your driver’s foot has suddenly gotten light and you end up cruising through the city.
4. Small Up, 5 Ah’ Row and Lap Up.
You are not really a public transport user until you have done one or all of the above. No matter how packed a vehicle is the loader or driver will find space. If you have fat to shift around, that’s okay. But slim people get their bones crushed.
5. Friday Evenings, Payday, and Rainy Days
These are the worst times to be at the mercy of public transport. Students hog the bus parks for no good reason at the end of the week. On payday all sense of urgency is gone from everyone. After a downpour, everything grinds to a halt. And on top of that, it’s cold and damp. Not fun.
Crowd waiting on bus