Internet news sources are usually more current than old media. But with the web and mobile media rapidly becoming synonymous because of constant connectivity, news outlets are now moving to real time mobile devices as an outlet.

The most serious effort comes from Rupert Murdoch’s News with its creation of the I-Pad App The Daily. This app has formalized mobile news media by hiring more than 100 professional journalists – including some renowned members of the Associated Press – to produce a daily digital newspaper created exclusively for the technology giant Apple. It means that News Corp is reinventing the daily distribution model for the virtual interface of the I-Pad.

I-Pad users will be able to access the app January 17, to download their news for $0.99 USD per issue. Many say it is a revolution in news media, and a historical moment for information technology.

The much anticipated virtual publication will feature talents honed at publications like The New Yorker and the New York Post.

The Daily features original content formulated exclusively for I-pad and promises all the entertainment and commentary of a tabloid with the legitimacy and integrity of a broadsheet. Sceptics believe the public may not be willing to pay for news they get for free from the web, but others think this venture may prove to be the first truly immersive mobile news experience with both written and audio visual features.