Picture-taking smartphones are eating into dedicated camera sales, but legendary photo brand Polaroid is fighting back. The result is the Android-powered Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera with a smartphone inside. The SC1630 is set to launch around April to retail at US$300. The 16-megapixel camera has built-in 3x optical zoom, 18 scene modes, 3.2-inch widescreen display with 800-by-400 resolution, 512MB RAM, 512MB onboard storage, 32GB of memory via microSD card, and a micro SIM slot. It has the browser, apps (from Google's Android Market) and music-playing functions you might expect in a pocket-sized device and can link via Bluetooth to the GL10 Instant Mobile Printer for quick snapshot printing. Users can also upload images and videos to social networks and share with friends at the touch of a button. No word on yet which version of Android the device runs, but Polaroid hopes it will be sporting Ice Cream Sandwich at launch. With every device maker putting cameras in smartphones and tablets many people no longer need point-and-shoot cameras. The Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera with a fashionable retro styling, seems like a natural progression if the instant photography pioneer is to remain relevant.