5 lifestyle hacks so you’re proud to show off this summer.

Summer isn’t over yet. And, anyway, it’s always beach season in Jamaica. We might not get the cooler weather and cozy layers, the falling of the leaves and evenings spent around a fire, that they get further north. But who wants snow when you can avoid the cold altogether and head to the warm beach.

Here are some easy and practical ways to get your beach body:

  1. Balance

    Balance is not always easy, but can prove more effective in the long term than extreme health regiments. Try developing more moderate day-to-day routines in which you eat healthy, but don’t deprive yourself of the treats you love. Just remember, everything in moderation. Exercise just enough so that it’s effective and you’ll see results, but not so much that you’re pushing yourself too far.

  2. A little goes a long way

    Apart from the more strenuous cardio workouts, try to incorporate a few other exercises into your daily routine that you can easily do at home. Set a routine of 30 squats and 5 minutes of planks, for example, as a great way to tone your body. Making it a habit and sticking by it will get you results.

  3. Music!

    Listening to music while you work out makes it less daunting, tedious and tiring. Music can distract you from sore muscles and feeling too tired and fast tempos give you the energy you need to power through your workout.

  4. Take a gym break

    Going to the gym daily or very often can start to feel too regimented and demotivating. Take a little break from the machines and maybe try a fun sport that feels less like exercise and more like a game. Perhaps you can head outdoors and take a refreshing hike with friends.

  5. Yoga maybe?

    It’s great for a very calming workout. You will get great exercise and all the other benefits of yoga. You can’t beat it for inner peace and quiet to combat our often busy and hectic lives.


Don’t sweat it! Don’t obsess too much about having the best beach body. Sometimes the best beach bodies are the ones enjoying themselves.