Not only bank accounts take a hit from the massive shopping at Christmas. Our environment also suffers from the kind of activities this season brings. So, to help you out a bit, we’ve compiled a list of ways to be environmentally conscious this Christmas and save a few bucks in the process.


1.     Save paper and recycle old gift bags, tissue, wrapping paper, and ribbons when gift wrapping. Also try smaller but equally festive name tags and stickers in place of larger, more expensive cards.


2.     Up-cycling or creative recycling is a great way to give crafty gifts while finding uses for old items at the same time. Old windows could be transformed into beautiful picture frames. Old beer bottles make unique drinking glasses. And old jars could become extravagant vases with a little DIY and TLC.


3.     Shop local and reduce the carbon footprint your shipping services might leave. This is a smart way to both support local businesses and save on shipping expenses. For example, try thrifting to save money and support charities while recycling.


4.     This may put a damper on your Christmas spirit, but investing in an artificial tree is not only better for the environment (one less tree cut down), but pays off in a few years when you no longer have to buy a new real tree every year. Plus, there’s always pine-scented candles when you miss that fresh tree smell.


5.     When decorating, think about using LED lights as opposed to traditional Christmas ones and save on energy usage and electricity bills.


6.     Lastly, we’re not advising you should do the unthinkable and re-gift what you got from someone. But we’re also not saying you shouldn’t re-gift either. Giving away a loved one’s thoughtful but maybe not so pretty gift might get you in trouble. But if you have something you really don’t need and it could benefit someone much more (and won’t hurt anyone’s feelings) we recommend recycling gifts for the good of the planet.


Merry Christmas when it comes!