Always one for innovation, the BBC has developed a mobile app to enable reporters to upload images, audio and video directly to its servers from an iPhone or iPad. Reporters will also be able to broadcast live from their devices over 3G. This app is expected to be in use in a few months by all BBC staffers. The app will be built on top of Luci‘s existing software for recording and broadcasting multimedia content on the iPhone, allowing the BBC to keep development costs low. Once completed, journalists will then be able to set up live, on-location broadcasts without satellite or codex equipment. American broadcasting companies are also making use of mobile app technology. CBS and CNN have launched iPhone apps that enable citizen journalists to record and submit multimedia content. Some of such content has already been used in broadcasts by the networks. But the BBC seems to be the first major broadcaster to utilize the device for live broadcasts for its journalists. Since reporters are likely to have their iPhones at hand at all times, we expect the app will bring immediacy to BBC reports. Jamaica’s media are already exploring innovative ways to use mobile technology to transmit news and we may seem something similar here soon.