by Nimoy Burrowes
Nimoy Burrowes

As words of comfort and joy fill the airwaves this special time of year, we can rock around the Christmas trees or embrace an Irie Christmas in the sun. These timeless melodies put us all in a festive, holiday mood. So we now share with you our top five Jamaican Christmas song favorites. 
5 - Unique Vision - Christmas Jamaican Style
In our sunny part of the world, we hear too much about snow, reindeers and meadows. This classic Jamaican Christmas carol highlights the true sense of celebrating Christmas in the West Indies.  

4 - Carlene Davis - Santa Claus (Do You Ever Come To The Ghetto)
Considered the top Caribbean Christmas song, this lively Reggae melody with its poignant lyrics extends beyond the season of parties and presents. We know Santa doesn’t visit our side of the world, but have we ever considered that Santa Clause, in society refers to how we treat each other?  

3 - Ernie Smith - All For Jesus
With his 1973 recording of All For Jesus, Ernie Smith surprised those not tuned in to their religious side. Though not exactly highlighting the ‘Christmas Spirit’, the song speaks to the birth of Christ, which is, after all, what we celebrate this season. And it has a cheerful Jamaican rhythm.   

2 - The Stage Crew - Christmas In The Sun
Released in Jamaica in 1989, Christmas in the Sun is a perfect sing along. Highlighting the true sense of Christmases of the past, this song is dear to the hearts of many Jamaican, both home and abroad.  

1 - Joe Gibbs All Stars - Let Christmas Catch You In A Good Mood
Will the Christmas catch you feeling bright? This classic was made for the Christmas parties and still puts many in a dancing mood.